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How To Attend The Sundance Film Festival

By Todd Anderson
Jan 22, 2016

camera-lens-hero-goproIf you’ve never been to the Sundance Film Festival held in Park City, Utah every year, you’re missing out on a truly unique, entertaining experience. For 10 whole days, the Sundance Film Festival provides attendees with the chance not only to enjoy lots of amazing new talent and creative films, as well as popular local restaurants and bars, but also the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the Hollywood celebrities and film stars. Chances are you’ll have an unforgettable time no matter what, but with a little planning on where to go and what to see, your trip to Sundance Film Festival may the best adventure of your year.

Get Your Tickets Quick

Of course you can’t plan a trip to Park City during the Film Festival and not take part in watching one of the many films that have made the event famous. Lines can be long and feel even long with the Park City winter weather, so try to purchase tickets in advance. The most anticipated films will sell out fast, so don’t hesitate to either buy online as soon as possible or to purchase a festival pass so you can enjoy several films with less hassle.

To keep prices affordable during one of the most popular times to visit this beautiful area, look into booking accommodations that are a few miles away from the main attractions on busy Main Street. There are countless lodging options in Park City, most of which provide upscale accommodations and beautiful views with a cozy cabin feel.

Use The Shuttle

For traveling, ditch the car and make use of the local shuttle. There are free shuttles that run all day long that can take you from a rented condo and back without much trouble. You don’t even need to rent a car to enjoy Park City and the Film Festival with how convenient the shuttle system is for those in attendance. Besides, local parking can be pretty pricey.

Live It Up In Park City

Even if you don’t score tickets to many of the films, there is still much fun to be had during Sundance. Hit up the nearby slopes that have helped to put Park City on the map as one of the top destinations in the world for skiing and snowboarding. Hang out at the local pubs and restaurants in hopes of catching a glimpse of, or even getting a picture of, one of your favorite celebrities. Spend all night dancing in one of the local clubs that are sure to attract an A-list crowd during Festival season.

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