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In the news at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

By Todd Anderson
Jan 29, 2016

stockvault-50mm-camera-lense99050Every year for 10 days out of the month of January, a little movie party occurs in Park City, Utah - you might have heard about it.  The Sundance Film Festival, which this year is being held from January 21- January 31, and as always, is a huge success!  Sleep, of course, is not a factor if your goal is to fit in as many movies as you possibly can in the 10 days - and participate in the after parties too; remember, you can always sleep on the plane!

The Movies

All the movies are unique and deserving of awards.  Most parties involved in the making of said movies really feel just being invited to Sundance is an honor, but at least one movie might even be too unique for the average movie goers!  The Swiss Army Man is basically a movie about dead bodies and flatulence.  Starring Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame and Paul Dano, crowds have been lining up hours in advance to get in, and once inside, they find a movie that is about a lost man who makes friends with the gas passing remains of Daniel Radcliffe’s character, and the flatulence seems to be too much and they rush to get out!  Something stinks in Sundance, and although the movie is quite good, it may never be more than an extended fart joke!

The Stars

Nepotism is big at Sundance, and the stars of Yoga Hosers might sound a tad familiar; Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of co-star Johnny Depp, and Harley Quinn Smith, daughter of director Kevin Smith (you may recognize him as Silent Bob from the Clerks movies!) are happily making their Sundance debut!  Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny classed up the festival making an appearance to speak for their period piece, Love & Friendship, based on the Jane Austen novella, Lady Susan. And Elijah Wood stepped out of his acting shoes and directing cape to DJ for his movie “The Greasy Strangler” pre-party!

The Awards

Well, at least one of the awards, The Amazon Studios Sundance Institute award (and the grant money that goes along with the award!) goes to “Morris from America” producers Sara Murphy and Adele Romanski and also to Julie Goldman, executive producer of “Weiner,” a documentary.  This award recognizes boldness and creativity amongst independent producers.  More awards will be forthcoming with the major ones being announced on January 30th.

The Parties

Sundance wouldn’t be Sundance without all the parties that accompany it, and this year is no exception - starting with the Delta Festival Shuttle at LAX airport.  180 of Hollywood’s most beautiful people will get a chance to board a Delta flight with a Sundance theme and enjoy brunch and cocktails, in-flight entertainment (a Sundance movie, perhaps?) and a free gift; even the rich and famous appreciate free stuff!  Premiere Parties for nominated movies include “The Hollars” directed by John Krasinski, and “31”, Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie’s latest horror film, are not to be missed, and cocktail parties, brunches, and after parties - the list is endless and will ensure fuzzy memories of the week’s events if done right!

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