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Why Now IS A Good Time to Buy a Ski Vacation Home

By Todd Anderson
Mar 20, 2014


The 2013/2014 ski season is nearly over, but the storm that blew through Park City, UT Tuesday is a reminder that there will be fresh powder to reports still to come this Spring. There are still four plus weeks of good skiing left in the season. Spring skiing in Park City brings great opportunities to diversify your day, ski the morning and go fishing or play golf in the afternoon… a 20 minute drive to the Heber Valley makes this more than viable now that daylight savings has kicked in and the sun is out until nearly 8PM.


With the season coming to a close, it is the perfect time to think about buying. How many years have you been thinking it would be great to own in Park City? If you don’t get to it now, another year will likely pass you by. Purchasing now would give you time to come out during the summer (you’ve heard every local tell you “they moved for winter and stay because of summer”) and add the touches to make it yours. If you decide to make bigger changes or things that need a contractor, it is best not to wait until the fall… you’ll only to find that the contractors are all busy with every other job that waited until the last minute.


Purchasing real estate in Park City now will make all of the planning easier. You’ll likely have to force yourself into making an extra ski vacation next year (darn!). But, you can work around your schedule instead of trying to find a rental.


Buy a Park City Home or Condo Now


Sellers are ready to move on; it can be a good time to make a deal. There’s no need to hassle with existing rentals and management contracts. Sellers know they are moving into the slow season and will have higher upcoming carrying costs.


We are not advocating that you buy a Park City vacation home now because there won’t be another chance in the future, we are just pointing out that there are many good reasons not to wait until next year.


There is a chance that if you start thinking about the 2014/2015 ski season now, you may actually find time to get in shape for it before it gets here.

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