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Ski Condo Investments – Park City, UT

By Todd Anderson
Sep 09, 2016

Is now the right time to invest in a vacation rental in Park City, Utah?

The ski and snowboard magazines rating the new 2016/2017 equipment are in the racks or already in your mail stack, and there are less than 90 days to the opening of the snow ski and ride season. Is now the time to buy a Park City condo you can use a few weeks this season and rent out while you aren’t using it? Here are some of the things you can expect if you start the process now:

  • Sellers while having been on the market all summer may be less inclined to lower their price

While it may seem like sellers would be willing to get more aggressive and move away from their ski condo, the opposite is often true. After carrying the condo all summer long with little or no use and rental revenue, the reservations for the upcoming Park City ski/ride season are ramping up and Sellers can see a positive revenue stream on the way in the near future. The upside of this for potential Buyers is the same for the non-seller, rental revenues are not far off.

  • Holiday weeks may already be booked

Peak holiday weeks in Park City can often book a year out. Sundance, Presidents Day, the Christmas to New Year’s holidays and some spring break weeks are already showing strong bookings. This is a positive for your rental cash flow, but may impact your ability to use your condo at these times. On the flip side, it could be a great time to come out and check on your investment (maybe your CPA will allow you to write the trip off?!!).

  • It is easy to see the available inventory now

Many people get the idea to buy a Park City vacation condo while they are on a ski vacation. The trouble is that if you are here during peak times, many of the condos you want to see are not available due to the fact that they have renters in them. We at encourage you to come out now and enjoy the fall colors while the rental rush is quiet. It will allow you to see the options and make your decision while there is still time to plan your winter stays here.

  • There is still time to make minor improvements

A full remodel is likely out of the question before the slopes at Park City and Deer Valley open, but a fresh coat of paint, new carpet and adding some personal touches are still viable upgrades before the season starts. These little things make your rental show better in photos and rent better for the upcoming season.

  • Why wait? There is revenue to be collected to start paying for your new vacation

The results of the upcoming election will have no impact on how much you want to ski this year. And as Warren Miller likes to say: “if you don’t do it this year, you will just be a year older when you do it next year”.  It’s time to start making those family memories, skiing is one of the few truly multi-generational sports out there.

For reliable and truthful information regarding Park City and Deer Valley ski (and snowboard) condos contact a local real estate professional with the Group at KW Park City Keller Williams (435)962-9472.

Remodeling your Home to Sell

By Todd Anderson
Oct 06, 2008

Park City Remodel          Saturday Morning TV seems to be filled with shows on HGTV and the DIY network among others that show people upgrading their homes followed by a Realtor telling them how much more it is worth.           The country's present real estate market shows us that those upgrades may not all be good and definitely don't necessarily make you money in the end. This is not to say that something can't be bought at a great price have a few cosmetic upgrades done and be sold for a profit, but the days of the easy fix and flip may be gone.           The Park City area, having a resort originally built in the 60's and 70's (not to mention miners shacks from the early 1900's), has some properties that are in need of a remodel. The majority of the guests coming here expect a world class resort and accommodations to match.  Real estate buyers in Park City have come to expect granite countertops surrounding professional grade appliances, jetted tubs and travertine tile in bathrooms, LCD or Plasma screen TV's, hot tubs plus plenty of snow in the winter and sun in the summer.           Maybe your Park City home or condominium doesn't currently have all this. Do you have to upgrade? If so, what should you do and how much should you spend? To answer these questions you really need to consider what end result you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking to sell soon? Are you looking for better rental revenue? Are you looking to just please yourself or spouse by making your place more comfortable? Do you just want to smile when you turn the corner and see your home come into view? Each of theses answers may lead to a different upgrade and investment in your property.           If your intention is to fix up the property and sell it, consult your local Realtor about which project to tackle first and the resulting revenue difference it may make in the sales price of your home. Remember that the most important part will be to get people to come into your Park City house or condominium, so work on the outside "curb appeal" first (this is the first and last thing people see when they come to look at your property).           If your intention is to remodel the inside of your home, take a look at the cost of remodels and the average return on that investment in the Sellers section of our website. Remember why you are making an upgrade, if it brings you happiness while you are living in the home; consider that value in your return on investment calculation.           Also, for those of you that plan to "do-it-yourself" note that it is never as easy as the ½ hour TV show would lead you to believe. Think about what type of person you are (are you a perfectionist or do you settle for adequate?), make sure that you finish the project to the end and not just do "good enough" especially if your end wish is for better resale value.

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