Park City Real Estate Trends

Flying High at the VISA Freestyle International World Cup!

By keziah
Jan 12, 2018

The world’s best freestyle skiers return to Deer Valley to show off their skills this week during the VISA Freestyle International Ski World Cup from January 10-12. This year marks the 20th year of hosting top level competitions for the resort. Today is the final day and the schedule will feature aerialists flying high on the White Owl run.

Schedule of Events: Friday, January 12 - Aerials Competition (Visa Freestyle International - Aerials)

  • 2:40 - 3:20 p.m. - Ladies’ Aerials Qualifications @ White Owl
  • 5:05 - 5:50 p.m. - Men’s Aerials Qualifications @ White Owl
  • 5 - 8:30 p.m. - VIP Tent Open @ Competition Venue
  • 8 - 8:50 p.m. - Ladies’ and Men’s Mogul Finals @ White Owl
  • 9 p.m. - Awards @ Finish Area
  • Immediately following awards - Fireworks @ Competition Venue


Do I Need An Agent for a New Construction Home?

By keziah
Mar 15, 2017

Many years ago, I was doing online research as we prepared for a new home purchase. I found a website for a community of newly built homes that checked most of the boxes on our “must-haves” list. An appointment was set to meet with the builder’s listing agent to tour the property. (This happens most often when people are out driving around and see those “Model Open” signs.)

The listing agent couldn’t have been nicer – very personable, excellent communication skills and follow through, thorough knowledge of the development and the community – a true professional. We went home, slept on it, and asked to meet again as a next step. During that visit, the agent walked through the entire process and timeline. It all sounded reasonable and simple. Fortunately, my husband and I had a sudden reality check. No matter how perfect the property, location, price, features, etc. – this agent was not working for us. They worked for the seller. (Who happens to be the builder.) Here’s what this equation looks like:

Builder + listing agent = seller representation


Buyer + listing agent = seller representation


You quickly get a sense of the imbalance here. In this story, we were happy with the property, so made the decision to move forward. But, our next step was to find a Buyer’s Agent to join us on this transaction. Looking back, we realize it was one of our better business decisions. And now as a Realtor®, I strive to educate my clients on the benefits of having their own agent on a new construction home. I’ve assembled 5 key insights from the team, as well as publications that include, the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and realtor message boards.

1. Who’s on your side? Bottom line - every transaction should have equal fiduciary representation. When you sign an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Agreement – your agent now works for you. They will advise you on every step of the purchase from vetting reputable builders, reviewing contracts, negotiating on your behalf, monitoring deadline dates, advising on which upgrades will get you the best resale value, and help to ensure you stay within your target budget and not jeopardize your appraisal value before closing.

2. Won’t I save money if I just work with the selling agent? Yes, we asked this question, too. The answer is always NO. Every builder has a listing agreement with a selling agent. So, whether you bring an agent to represent you or not does nothing to change their agreement. The builder isn’t going to discount the selling price by the amount of the commission they’d be paying, since doing so would drive down the posted sold price and thus the comparative value of the properties. But wait… they offered me free upgrades! Sorry to be a buzzkill, but the truth is that builders can have huge mark-ups on their upgrades. So those may not translate into a return on your investment when it comes time to sell. The full commission will be paid, but when you don’t have an agent representing you – that means the builder just received more money.

3. Understanding HOA and CC&R’s Full Disclosure – agents are not expected to be experts on HOA’s and CCR’s. They are however, experts on knowing where to guide, advise and educate their clients. Every Homeowner’s Association has its own set of rules and regulations. In my example above – the CC&Rs were 90 pages long (no joke). We were fortunate to have an agent who was a lawyer in a past life, so he actually read the entire document. Then he went over it with us to point out what was most critical, what was standard, and what was worth asking about. He encouraged us to also read the entire document – so we did. We’ve been in our home for over 2 years, and still meet neighbors that don’t know nearly as much about the CC&Rs as we do.

4. Warranties Most builders want to build not just homes, but good reputations. Most of the time they do, but there are exceptions. As part of our buyer due diligence task list, our agent advised us to “Go talk to the neighbors. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about working with the builder.” So we did! It was incredibly helpful. We crafted a list of issues to address and have the builder sign off of before we agreed to move forward. We saved potentially thousands of dollars and future aggravation simply by having this valuable representation by our agent.

5. What else is out there? Your agent is a networking ninja! They are dialed into the community, so they know what’s happening with the property you’re looking at from more than just the value standpoint. They will know what the long-view planning and activities are of the community. Once you show them your list of must-haves, let them go to work to either validate the value of your find, or even to show you options you hadn’t considered, but are absolutely open to once you see them. That’s the magic of a really good buyer agent!

Now you know… That was one of many buying experiences where I learned to never enter into a transaction without a real estate professional in my corner. I hope you’ll see the value as well. It’s our promise that when you hire a YouInParkCity agent – you can expect more than just real estate representation. You can expect partnership, customer service and expertise on the unique needs of buying and selling in Park City, Deer Valley, and the surrounding Heber Valley – by the entire team.

Ski Condo Investments – Park City, UT

By Todd Anderson
Sep 09, 2016

Is now the right time to invest in a vacation rental in Park City, Utah?

The ski and snowboard magazines rating the new 2016/2017 equipment are in the racks or already in your mail stack, and there are less than 90 days to the opening of the snow ski and ride season. Is now the time to buy a Park City condo you can use a few weeks this season and rent out while you aren’t using it? Here are some of the things you can expect if you start the process now:

  • Sellers while having been on the market all summer may be less inclined to lower their price

While it may seem like sellers would be willing to get more aggressive and move away from their ski condo, the opposite is often true. After carrying the condo all summer long with little or no use and rental revenue, the reservations for the upcoming Park City ski/ride season are ramping up and Sellers can see a positive revenue stream on the way in the near future. The upside of this for potential Buyers is the same for the non-seller, rental revenues are not far off.

  • Holiday weeks may already be booked

Peak holiday weeks in Park City can often book a year out. Sundance, Presidents Day, the Christmas to New Year’s holidays and some spring break weeks are already showing strong bookings. This is a positive for your rental cash flow, but may impact your ability to use your condo at these times. On the flip side, it could be a great time to come out and check on your investment (maybe your CPA will allow you to write the trip off?!!).

  • It is easy to see the available inventory now

Many people get the idea to buy a Park City vacation condo while they are on a ski vacation. The trouble is that if you are here during peak times, many of the condos you want to see are not available due to the fact that they have renters in them. We at encourage you to come out now and enjoy the fall colors while the rental rush is quiet. It will allow you to see the options and make your decision while there is still time to plan your winter stays here.

  • There is still time to make minor improvements

A full remodel is likely out of the question before the slopes at Park City and Deer Valley open, but a fresh coat of paint, new carpet and adding some personal touches are still viable upgrades before the season starts. These little things make your rental show better in photos and rent better for the upcoming season.

  • Why wait? There is revenue to be collected to start paying for your new vacation

The results of the upcoming election will have no impact on how much you want to ski this year. And as Warren Miller likes to say: “if you don’t do it this year, you will just be a year older when you do it next year”.  It’s time to start making those family memories, skiing is one of the few truly multi-generational sports out there.

For reliable and truthful information regarding Park City and Deer Valley ski (and snowboard) condos contact a local real estate professional with the Group at KW Park City Keller Williams (435)962-9472.

Park City Real Estate Sales 2015 Q3

By Todd Anderson
Oct 12, 2015

The Park City, UT real estate market continued its strong trends for 2015 with the highest quarterly sales for the year and the third highest quarterly sales volume (unit sales) since 2006.

As per the norm we look only at home and condominium sales in the “Greater Park City Area” (Park City and Deer Valley, the Snyderville Basin and the Jordanelle Reservoir Area.

Park City Single Family Homes Sold Q3 2015 Sold Park City Homes Q# 2015

There were 145 Single Family Home sales in the Greater Park City area during the third quarter of 2015. This number was down slightly from the same time in 2014 by approximately 10%. Conversely the median sales price jumped by $105,000 to reach $955,000. Sales of homes under $500k have almost completely vanished as there were seven such sales in the past quarter while the same period last year had twenty.  At the time of this writing there were two available homes listed for under $500K. At the other end of the spectrum, there were thirty five sales for more than $2M the same period last year had only nineteen. The current inventory of homes listed for over $2M is over two hundred.

Condominium Sales for the third quarter saw a large jump versus the third quarter of 2014 with 227 sales versus 193 during 2014. The median price stayed about the same as last year at $421K. A large portion of the bump in sales volume can be attributed to the completion of the Newpark Terrace development with forty sales recorded. With the exception of Newpark Terrace, condominium sales in Park City were spread evenly among developments.

Once again sales are happening very quickly with 38% of the recorded sales being on the market for less than two weeks. This is more significant for homes and condominiums under the median sales price. With fewer options on the market, Buyers need to quick to react to new listings.

Scarcity is a driving factor for Park City real estate; our focus in this report is Park City area homes and condominiums. Areas immediately outside Park City make up 25% of the sales across the Park City MLS system. The Kamas and Heber Valleys as well as Wanship & Coalville areas can provide viable alternatives to Park City with more property inventory and less scarcity.

For assistance in marketing your property for sale or finding a property to purchase contact a realty professional with the group at KW Park City Keller Williams Real Estate (435)962-9472.

Data herein was compiled from the Park City Board of Realtors MLS System.  Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

Deer Valley Real Estate Ski Tour #2

By Todd Anderson
Feb 21, 2014

Ski-in/ski-out homes and condominiums represent the ultimate ease and convenience when it comes to a ski vacation. In this tour, we will be skiing Deer Valley Resort with a focus on the Deer Crest Subdivision.


The first Deer Valley Ski Tour focused on the homes around Bald Eagle Mountain. With the exception of the Bald Eagle Club area, all of the homes and condominiums could be reached on skis as well as by car. The Deer Crest area by contrast is all within a private gated community, so driving the area isn’t possible and skiing to many of the homes without permission also is not possible. Many of the Deer Crest properties can be seen on skis from the lifts and public trails at Deer Valley Resort. Deer Valley Ski Homes at Deer Crest


The start of our ski tour of the Deer Crest area will begin at Deer Valley’s Snow Park base area on the Carpenter Express lift. From the top of the chair, ski back toward Snow Park while bearing right on the Little Stick ski run. Little Stick is an easy intermediate level trail effectively a “cat-track”, the run was the start of the Olympic Slalom course in 2002 and it offers great views of the Snow Park Base area and the Lower Deer Valley community. Little Stick merges with the Deer Hollow Run and enters the Deer Crest area just above the St Regis Hotel.


The Deer Hollow trail is the ski access for the St Regis at Deer Valley (condominiums and residences). The funicular visible from Snow Park is the non-ski guest access for the resort. Current ownership opportunities at the St Regis Deer Valley start at $1.37M for a 1-bedroom 2-bath model and range up to $18M for a 5-bedroom 7-bath custom penthouse residence. Skiing out of the St Regis is on the Deer Hollow trail to the Mountaineer Express lift then down Deer Hollow to Little Stick to access the rest of Deer Valley Resort via Snow Park.


For our tour we will exit the Mountaineer Express to the left and onto the Jordanelle ski run at Deer Valley. The Jordanelle ski run at Deer Valley from the top of Little Baldy Peak to the base of the gondola is the only public access trail winding through the homes in the Deer Crest Estates area. The ski runs through the Deer Crest area are a little steep and narrow for beginners, but they are well maintained and generally not crowded. Most all of the homes will access the Jordanelle Gondola and then ski down into Snow Park to access the rest of the mountain. There are approximately ten homes and homesites that have direct ski access to Snow Park without skiing down to the gondola first.


The Jordanelle ski Run passes a few homes for sale and offers a good idea of the ski-in/ski-out access of others. As the trail flattens out you’ll note a sign where the gondola to the Deer Pointe Villas as you approach the gondola, the Deer Crest Townhomes are visible just to the south. The gondola ride back to the top provides views of more Deer Crest Estates homes and a glimpse of the possible future expansion area at Deer Valley to the south. The gondola tops out at the top of the Deer Hollow ski run; follow this back to Little Stick and into Snow Park where this real estate ski tour started.


For more information about ski-in/ski-out homes at Deer Valley Resort, contact a ski real estate specialist with the Group at (888)968-4672.


A Deer Valley Real Estate Tour on Skis

By Todd Anderson
Jan 28, 2014


Resort real estate in Park City is a very large portion of the market. Many of the homes and condominiums in and around Park City are second homes with out of state or international owners. Homes located very near to or on the ski slopes are a very special commodity. I compare these properties to homes on the beach…there are only so many that are directly on the beach (a block away is not the same as on the water or boardwalk). A tour of the slope-side homes and condominiums in Park City can take hours and cover many miles as well as many different price points.


Deer Valley offers the most ski-in/ski-out opportunities in the Park City area; at the time of this writing there were nearly two hundred properties for sale within 100 yards or so of the ski slopes with prices starting at $90,000 for shared ownership and $600,000 for whole up to over $20,000,000 for the ultimate in ski-in/ski-out luxury estates.


To see these Deer Valley homes and condominiums on skis, we’ll start from the Snow Park base area of Deer Valley Resort and focus first on homes and condominiums in and around the Bald Eagle Mountain area of Deer Valley. At the base area there are three options within the 100 yard range of the slopes (four if you include the St. Regis Hotel, but that will be part of another tour); Powder Run just north of the main entrance to the resort, Black Diamond Lodge next to the Wide West (beginner area) and Trails End just off the Success ski run. All three of these condominium options are walking distance to Snow Park while Trials End has ski-in access and Black Diamond is ski-in/ski-out.

Deer Valley homes on skis


Take the Carpenter lift from Snow Park at Deer Valley and exit the lift with a hard left turn to the Success Ski Run. At the base of the first pitch of Success, the Stag Lodge is on your left. Continuing straight puts you on the Last Chance Ski run there are currently 4 homes here in the Evergreen subdivision for sale with direct access to the Last Chance Ski run plus the new construction of the Stein Eriksen Residences which will offer 16 homes and 38 luxury residential condominiums. Bearing left to the Silver Dollar Ski run you’ll pass the elevator and ski access for the Belle subdivisions (Bellarbor, Bellemont, Belleterre, and Bellevue) the ski run has many of the Belle’s on your left. Continue on the run which loops back to Last Chance and merges with Success back to the Snow Park base area.


Another trip up the Carpenter chair and this time continue straight after exiting the chair. Half way down the Silver Link run is an access trail before going over the bridge. This trail will access Double Eagle, and Cache subdivisions; across the street is trail access to ski down between Aspen Hollow, Ridgepoint, Trailside and the Woods. This ski access trail eventually merges with Last Chance and once again down into Snow Park. The access trail makes these condominiums more ski-out than ski-in, but still you are skiing without having to get in a car or shuttle.


One more time up the Carpenter lift from Snow Park and skiing on the Silver Link run; this time go over the bridge. A hard right will put you into the Sterling Lodge, Deer Valley Club, and Sterlingwood subdivisions. Continuing down Silver Link, take a left turn onto McHenry and ski down to the Crown Point chair lift. The top of the chair provides access to most of the homes in the Bald Eagle Club Subdivision. From the chair it is a left to the Sunrise Run, or a right down Kimberly to Rising Star and Roamer with options leading to the Deer Crest area via Navigator or Little Stick (that leads to tour #2); stay on Kimberly to Big Stick and ski back into Snow Park.


The routes described above will lead you through the ski-in/ski-out homes with direct access to and from the “lower Mountain” portion of Deer Valley and the Snow Park Base area.


Of course one of us at the team would be happy to take you on any of these tours…


For more information on ski-in/ski-out Deer Valley and Park City homes and condominiums contact (888)968-4672.


The Best Ski-In/Ski-Out Deer Valley Homes & Condominiums

By Todd Anderson
Dec 17, 2013

Ski-in-ski-out homes and condominiums are the pinnacle of mountain resort properties. These slope side homes and condominiums are the ultimate in ease, convenience and time savings for your ski holidays. In Park City, Utah Deer Valley Resort has the most offerings when it comes to ski-in/ski-out real estate opportunities. There are currently just over 150 homes and condominiums in the Deer Valley area that can be classified as ski-in/ski-out (for our purposes, we will consider anything that is a shorter jaunt from the door to skiing than from the resort parking lots to the lifts to be ski-in/ski-out).


Of course, not all ski in and ski out locations are equal and there are many considerations that need to be made when it comes to choosing the location that is right for you. Which runs are most easily accessible? Some ski-in/ski-out locations may require advanced skiing level capabilities to ski in and out (this might be similar to a beachfront home with big surf, great if you are a big wave surfer, but if you want to swim you may need to drive to a calmer location). What non-skiing amenities are nearby? Maybe this trip you just want to relax, take a walk, spa, etc. How far will you have to go to get a coffee and catch up on some reading? Are there restaurant options nearby (and how many of them)? Most of the Deer Valley real estate options have a full kitchen, but if you don’t want to cook or bring in a private chef, how easy is it to go out for a quick bite? How are the neighbors and the neighborhood? Arriving to your single family home tucked in the trees and next to the ski run is far different from pulling into the multi-story full service hotel; there are positives and negatives to each. The question is which one is right for you.


There are four different areas defined by the Park City Board of Realtors that include ski-in/ski-out Deer Valley properties: Deer Crest, Empire Pass, Upper Deer Valley, and Lower Deer Valley. Each of the areas offers a different feel, ski access and nearby amenities. The Lower Deer Valley area contains only a handful of options that meet our ski-in ski-out criteria while the other three have the majority of their properties fall into the ski-in/ski-out classification. Contact a resort real estate professional with to help you understand the differences and purchase the ski property works best for you. (888)968-4672


Here are a couple of our favorite ski-in/ski-out Deer Valley homes and condos:


Bellearbor Home in Upper Deer Valley

Trails End 1

Ski Resort Rankings

By Todd Anderson
Sep 26, 2013

It is September 25th and the first snow of the year has hit Park City! No, it will not stick around, and the weekend should see highs pushing 70. Still, seeing snow falling and a white blanket visible on the mountains is a not so subtle reminder that winter is on the way.


First Snow Park City


There have been other reminders that winter will soon be here; the red leaves on the Gambel Oaks, recent yellow of the Aspen leaves, gear guides reviewing the new equipment and clothing for the season and of course the annual Ski Resort rankings.


The Park City area resorts earned rankings very similar to last year. Each year SKI Magazine readers are polled and rank ski resorts in 20 different categories to determine the “Best Resort” in North America. Deer Valley earned the number 2 spots for the second year in a row after 5 years in the number 1 spot overall. In garnering the 2nd overall spot, Deer Valley was ranked number 1 in the categories of Grooming, Service, Lodging, On-Mountain Food, Dining and Family Programs. Deer Valley also earned top ten rankings in seven other categories. Park City Mountain Resort fell one spot to the number 5 overall ranking for best resort. Park City Mountain Resort earned number one rankings for Access, Off-Hill Activities, and Terrain Parks plus a #2 ranking in the Family Vacation category. Canyons Resort once again was ranked as the #10 overall best resort in North America. The Canyons ranked in the top ten in 3 categories including Access, Dining, and Lodging.


The annual Ski Magazine survey polls more than 140,000 (with 40,000 responses) skiers and snowboarders review nearly every aspect of winter alpine skiing and snowboarding resorts. The complete list of rankings is listed in SKI Magazine’s October issue, which is on newsstands now.


Interesting notes about the rankings; The Park City area earned #’s 1, 2 and 5 in the Access category. Also, while other resorts have seen a yo-yo effect depending on natural snowfall, the Park City are Resorts have remained consistently in the top ten Best Overall despite less than normal snowfall totals the past two years.


Having all three Park City area resorts in the Top Ten is a great benefit when it comes to marketing Park City; no other town has this. The effect on visitor nights and real estate values isn’t quantifiable, but it is undeniable.


The other resorts rounding out the Top Ten Ski Resorts in the West are: 1. Jackson Hole, 3. Vail, 4. Sun Valley, 6. Whistler, 7. Telluride, 8. Steamboat, 9. Snowmass.

Ski Resorts Adding Value to Season Passes

By Todd Anderson
Aug 03, 2013

Four of Utah’s best ski areas have teamed up to add value to their season ski passes. Alta, Snowbird, Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley announced this week that qualified season pass purchases at each resort will include shared lift privileges at the other participating resorts.


With the purchase of a season pass (qualifications vary between the four resorts) you will also receive access to ski the other three resorts three times each during the season. Limitations apply during peak holiday weeks. Considering an average lift ticket price of $94 between the four resorts, this is an $800 plus value that is being added to a season ski pass for the 2013/2014 ski season. Season Pass Specials at Alta, Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort and Snowbird


It is often hard to break away from your home resort where you have a pass as the idea of paying $100 to go to another resort is tough when you have a pass that is paid for already. And what a bonus for when friends from out of town are in and a season pass holder can go ski the resort next door or take a short trip up one of the other canyons to ski.


The announcement comes on the heels of Vail Resorts taking over operations at Canyons in Park City and making them part of the Epic pass which allows skiing privileges at all Vail Resorts on one season pass. The big difference for Deer Valley, Snowbird, Alta and Park City Mountain Resort is that these are all a short day-trip away.


Season pass sales at all Park City area resorts are on sale now with early season pricing specials in effect through mid-September. So buy now and start to make your ski season plans, winter is only a few months away!


Remember that Deer Valley and Alta are ski only mountains that do not allow snowboards.

Another Top Ten Rating for Park City

By Todd Anderson
Dec 10, 2012

Skiing Park City, UtahPark City was recently named as one of the top 5 Ski Resorts in the US in terms of “Awesomeness”.


Contributing author for Christopher Steiner notes how “ubiquitous rankings have become” and decided to rank ski resorts in his own terms as a measure of Awesomeness “do you need to know anything else?”


Park City was grouped as one resort due to the proximity of its three ski mountains (Canyons, Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort)all being within ten minutes of one-another. Similarly Alta and Snowbird were grouped together as were Vail and Beaver Creek (they were ranked #2 and #4 on the Ski Resort Awesomeness rankings). Jackson Hole led the way and Telluride came in at #3.


Of interest in this Ski Resort Awesomeness ranking is the ratings of the skiing; the author rates Canyons as the best of the three resorts in Park City with Deer Valley second and Park City Mountain Resort third. Mr. Steiner definitely knows the resorts as he makes mention of the good and bad at all three. Canyons 9990 lift takes his top spot to ski while there (we’d throw in peak 5 as a great spot to make laps until 9990 opens) and he cautions against spending the day getting to something as the mountain is quite spread out. Deer Valley gets a strong recommendation not only as a fancy resort, but also for its great skiing terrain including trees and chutes. He calls Empire Lodge the greatest ski lodge in the world and calls the Deer Valley Turkey Chili the greatest single dish served mountainside anywhere. calls Jupiter Peak the best of the skiing at Park City Mountain Resort but laments the run-outs and the occasional crowds (for Utah). A thumbs-up was given for the ability to ski into Main St and ride the Town Lift back.


All-in-all it was a great positive article based almost solely on the ski aspects of Park City. When you throw in the other things that make the area great (restaurants, shopping, galleries, Sundance, nightlife, spas and all the non-ski-related amenities) Park City continues to shine as one of the most well-rounded destination vacations or place to call home.


For everyone east of the Rockies it was noted that no resort there made the list due to the snow and terrain not ranking in terms of Awesomeness versus the west.


For a complete version of the story see: Top 10 Ski Resorts in the United States for 2013.


For information about Park City Real Estate contact a realty professional with the Group at (888)968-4672.

Ski Resort Country Club Park City, Utah

By Todd Anderson
Nov 30, 2012

Why do people buy country club memberships and why isn’t there a ski oriented membership Park City real estate option?


People buy country club memberships for many reasons but probably the primary motivation is the quality of the golf experience and the easy access to the course. People are also drawn to the social element of a country club and the many (non-golf) functions the clubs host which allow members to interact in a relaxing setting with their family, friends and peers. Park City Utah Fractional Ownership - like a ski country club


In Park City there actually are several ski oriented country club experiences which come in the form of interval or fractional real estate offerings. In my mind purchasing one these luxury ski condos offerings is very similar to buying an equity country club membership. • You purchase your membership or condo and pay annual dues. • When you want to do something different you sell your membership. Most golf clubs make you sell the membership through the club. They set the price and keep a portion of the proceeds. With a fractional or interval ski condo sale you generally sell it at market price and no proceeds are returned to the club. • You pay dues to maintain the facilities, pay for staffing and market and communicate with members and the public who are the clubs future members. • Just like country clubs there is no usually no financing available for a fractional or interval condo purchase. It is a luxury real estate purchase and an investment in lifestyle. • Golf is included in country club dues. With the purchase of a Park City fractional or interval condo you get access to lodging. The number of weeks available and the reservation policies vary from property to property. When buying a fractional mountain resort condo what questions should you ask? • Is the condo ski in ski out and what are the other winter activities will be provided? • What summer activities are organized for you? • Is airport transportation and in town shuttle service provided. You are looking for a hassle free experience aren’t you? • What other amenities are within walking distance to the condo, i.e. restaurants, shopping, ski and bike rentals, etc.? • What are the other owners like? • What level of service are you expecting? What is the staff like? Are they knowledgeable about the property and the community? Are they friendly? • What do you own and how is ownership conveyed? • Are property taxes paid as part of your dues? • If you aren’t going to use one of your weeks what can you do with the condo?


What interval or fractional condos offerings are there in Park City? In Deer Valley: • Deer Valley Club, a Private Residence Club. • Red Stag Lodge • Residences at the Chateaux In Old Town • Sky Lodge At Canyons Resort • Grand Summit Hotel


For expert information on these fractional or interval ownership condominiums or any Park City Real Estate information contact the realty professionals with the Group at (888)968-4672.

Park City Ski Resort Rankings

By Todd Anderson
Oct 12, 2012

Annual Ski Resort area rankings put all three Park City Resorts in the Top Ten.


SKI Magazine is due on the newsstands or in your mailbox the 16th of October. The upcoming issue features the results of the annual readers’ poll. In the magazine they will rank the top 50 Resorts in North America.


Park City, Utah is home to three resorts that cover nearly 10,000 skiable acres located just a few miles apart. This year for the first time Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort are all ranked in the readers’ poll top 10.


Deer Valley Resort takes the 2nd place ranking; dropping from its unprecedented reign in the number one spot for five years in a row. Deer Valley still saw a number one rating in many individual categories and was likely impacted by the lack of natural snowfall last season.


Park City Mountain Resort moves up a notch this year to number four in the SKI Magazine Readers’ Poll top 50 Resorts. This is the best ranking that the resort has ever earned.


The tens of millions of dollars that have been spent at Canyons Resort in the past few years are paying dividends in the minds of SKI Magazine readers as Canyons receives the number ten spot in this year’s poll. This is an impressive move from rankings in the low 20’s just a few years ago. The number ten ranking for Canyons Resort is also the best that the resort has ever earned. Park City Resort Rankings - SKI Magazine Poll 2 4 10


Park City, Utah is unique in that there are not many cities that are home to multiple ski and snowboard resorts. Deer Valley, Park City Mountain and Canyons Resorts all share in some high ratings related to Park City’s snow, weather, accessibility to an International Airport as well as local restaurants and non-ski related activity options.


The Group congratulates all three of Park City’s World Class Resorts on their rankings in SKI Magazine’s annual reader poll for the 2012/2013 season.


For information about how the resort rankings may affect real estate prices in Park City, Utah contact a Park City Real Estate Professional with at (888)968-4672.

Back to School Sales and Back to Skiing / Riding in Park City

By Todd Anderson
Aug 07, 2012

Preseason Season Pass Sales at Park City Ski and Snowboard Resorts


Season passes can now be purchased at Park City Mountain Resort, Canyons Resort, and Deer Valley. Daily ticket prices have not been released at all of the resorts, but if you are going to ski ten days or more it makes good sense to look into making an early purchase of your season pass.


Park City Mountain Resort Season passes offer the broadest range of options as their passes can be customized for the resort’s various offerings. Adult Season passes start at $750 and top out at $1425. The add-ons include underground parking, night skiing/riding, and Fast Tracks express lanes. Youth Passes (7-12 years old) range from $145-$445; Teen Passes (13-17 years old) range from $195-$495; Young Adult/College Passes range from $475-$1050; Senior Passes (65-69 years) are offered from $475 to $1050, and Super Seniors (age 70 and above) start at $270 and max out at $845 with all the options. Pass purchases include summer lift access for the current season. The age of the passholder is determined as their age on opening day November 17, 2012. Daily rates have not been published yet, but were $96 per day for adults last season, so anything more than 8 days for the year could prove to be a worthy investment. Pass prices go up on September 15.Park City Ski Areas


Canyons Resort made a change this year and got rid of the mid-week pass option, but they have also reduced the rate on their full season pass so that it is less than the price of last years’ mid-week pass. If you buy an adult full season pass before Sept 15, 2012, the price is $849 (after Sept 15 the price jumps to $1149, and $1449 after Oct 15). Canyons offers a “platinum upgrade” which includes valet parking and a ski/boot locker with boot dryer. Youth (7-12 years old) Season Passes at Canyons Resort are $409 for non-residents and $249 for Utah students. Young adults (ages 13-17) from out of state can purchase a full season pass for $749 while Utah students pay $279-$319 depending on their school grades. Utah college students can buy a season pass for $599. Canyons Resort also offers pass deals for Teachers, Firefighters, and Police as well as Military personnel. As with Park City, Canyons season passes can become a better value with as little as 8 days of skiing/riding for the season.


Deer Valley which was ranked the #1 Resort in North America for the 5th year in a row last season is the only one of Park City’s three resorts to have posted their daily ticket rate for the 2012-2013 season and for the first time, it has topped $100 with a daily rate of $102 ($106 Holidays). Adult full season ski passes at Deer Valley are $1810 ($1470 for the 2nd when purchasing 2). Youth passes (4-12) are $450. Teen passes are $750 and Young Adult passes (18-23) are $1100 for the season. Seniors in the 65-71 year old bracket can purchase a season pass for $925 while Super Seniors (72 and up) can get a pass for $850. Midweek passes are available at Deer Valley; adult passes are $925 while Senior rates are $850; note that midweek passes are not valid Dec 26-Jan 1. Prices go up on November 1, 2012.


If you think you’ll be in a position to ski more than a week this upcoming season take a hard look at a season pass at your favorite Park City area resort. I guarantee that if you have a pass you will ski/ride more than if you are buying individual tickets. You will be willing to go up for just a couple of hours because you’ve already paid for it. Take full advantage of why you own real estate in Park City and get out on the snow this year.


For more lift ticket specifics visit:, , and

Deer Valley Real Estate Sales 2012

By Todd Anderson
Mar 17, 2012

Real Estate sales in Deer Valley, Utah for the current year.


We here at the group keep a constant eye on what is going on in Park City real estate through a consistent watch of the Park City MLS, regular open house attendance, talking with other agents and monitoring what our clients and local visitors tell us among other things. A recent post indicating that Deer Valley sales were on an uptick caught our eye. Here is a summary of what we found to be true:


Deer Valley from the ski lift


Current Park City MLS data shows that there have been 40 sales of homes condominiums and vacant land in Deer Valley since the first of the year. This number is almost identical to the real estate sales for the same period for last year. The average sales price is down a bit at just under $2 million, but the median sales price (half above and half below) is off by nearly $1M. So, thus far in 2012, half of the real estate sales in Deer Valley have been for less than $1M. While we are still seeing movement in the luxury market with sales at the Montage and St Regis Deer Crest hotel residences, real estate sales of above $2M in Deer Valley are currently off by 25% from this time last year. The 16 current pending sales represent a possible upward movement if they make it through to closed sales.


Overall the Deer Valley real estate market is a somewhat mixed bag with pockets of strengths and weaknesses but overall fairly stable in relation to last year. For an in-depth analysis of the portion of the Deer Valley or Park City real estate market that interests you contact a realty professional with at (888)968-4672.

Park City Home & Condo Prices and Offers

By Todd Anderson
Feb 23, 2012

Days on market for real estate in the Park City adn Deer Valey, Utah area


Days on Market is a piece of information that can give us some information about home sales in an area, but it is not the end-all statistic. In Park City, Utah the current average days on market for real estate is about 150 days from initial list to sale. This statistic counts only those properties that have sold (not inventory or expired/removed properties). Park City Real Estate Days on Market


In general a lower number of days on market relates to a “hotter” market and less of a “buyer’s market” but there are other factors that also have to be considered. Note that the 2007 timeframe has a relatively higher days on market; yet things were selling within days at this time. New construction is the reason in this case. Projects were selling out quickly, but the days on market statistic counts from the time the property goes under contract until the sale closes which in this case does not happen until the home or condominium is complete. Similarly, current days on market may be averaging a little longer due to the loan process taking longer now than it did a few years ago.


Buyers often ask how long something has been on the market and try and use that information in determining an initial offer. Unfortunately the correlation between days on market and accepted sales price does not always have a straight forward correlation. No two properties are exactly the same, so the sales price of two similar homes need not be the same. Similarly, the financial situation and reasons for selling are never the same for two individual sellers.


This is not to say that days on market does not have any value in determining a fair price. It is interesting to note that of the over 500 sales in the past 6 months, over 20% sold in less than 21 days (sales this quick are cash purchases). The average sales price of these quick sales was over 95% of the list price. Conversely, Park City properties that took longer than 180 days to sell had a sales price of about 90% of the list price.

Park City Luxury Ski-in/Ski-out Hotel

By Todd Anderson
Dec 09, 2011

Park City Mountain Resort to Improve Base Area


Resort Officials of Park City Mountain Resort announced to the Park City Council and Planning Committee that they are beginning to explore new development around the resort base area.


In recent years the resort has positioned itself as a ski resort operator and not a developer. They now point to new base area development as a way to ensure that they are adequately taking care of their customers as well as increasing capacity for new resort guests. pcmr.jpg


There have been many rumors in the past about possible resort hotels going in at the base of the resort where the parking lots are currently located. The recent additions of the Hyatt Escala and Waldorf Astoria at Canyons Resort as well as the St Regis and Montage Hotels at Deer Valley leave Park City Mountain Resort without a luxury offering to compete with Deer Valley and Canyons. The lower lots near the base of the First Time Lift and Super-pipe would appear to be the most logical place for a new resort hotel and base area expansion. A Four Seasons Resort Hotel was once rumored for this location; maybe it is a step closer to reality (?).


The plans are still conceptual at this point, but as the supply of new luxury condominiums in Park City dwindles another resort property will make sense. The addition would be great for the Town of Park City as well as the Park City Mountain Resort.

Montage Deer Valley Real Estate

By Todd Anderson
Dec 02, 2011


We are close to having one year of sales data for the Montage at Deer Valley and the sales data shows surprising strength given the overall market and world economy. Thirteen sales have been completed for Montage Deer Valley Residences. The sales represent just over 15% of the available units but were nearly 50% of all sales in Park City’s luxury real estate enclave of Empire Pass. Sales prices have ranged from $1.6M to $8M.


The latest release of residence models at Montage Deer Valley will feature a showcase residence that is a collaboration between interior designer Philip Gorrivan and One Kings Lane (a leading online site for designer décor, furnishings and accessories). The 3471 square foot home is a two story three bedroom, three bath model featuring a large great room, dining room, gourmet kitchen, and den. Three private balconies offer incomparable ski resort and valley views. The designer elements in the home have created a mountain modern feel in which each room has its own unique sense and appeal to the luxury Park City lifestyle. Our recent tour through this home was impressive.


The home will enjoy access to all of the Montage Deer Valley spa and resort services and amenities; not the least of which is its slope-side Deer Valley location.


For more information about this special Montage Deer Valley home or a private tour focused on luxury Park City and Deer Valley real estate contact at (888)968-4672. The Montage Deer Valley

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Lower Deer Valley Real Estate 2011

By Todd Anderson
Nov 16, 2011

With 45 days left before the end of the year, we probably won’t see significant changes in Park City real estate sales totals.


Current for sale inventory in Park City’s Lower Deer Valley area includes 28 single family homes and 54 condominiums. This number will likely rise slightly as we move closer to the ski season.


To date there have been 7 single family home sales this year and 2 other homes have accepted sales contracts. So the inventory levels indicate a 3-4 year supply of single family homes in the Lower Deer Valley area. The inventory varies greatly with offerings ranging from $775k to just over $3M. Lower Deer Valley has some homes that are beginning to show their age; this fact can be seen in the variations of asking price with the least expensive homes in the low $200’s/square foot and the highest end well into the mid $500’s/sq.ft. Single Family homes sales for Lower Deer Valley are likely to lag 2010 numbers by nearly 30%.


Condominium sales in the Lower Deer Valley area of Park City show a strong increase versus 2010, but there are factors that have skewed this number dramatically. To date 49 condominiums have sold in Lower Deer Valley and another 6 have pending sales contracts. With 53 active for sale condominium listings, the current inventory represents just over a one-year supply. Lower Deer Valley condominium sales totaled 32 for 2010, so this year’s numbers at first blush are very strong. The twist is that 22 of the sales were bank (or corporate) REO properties. The sales of the bank owned condominiums had an average sales price in the low $300’s per square foot. By contrast, the average sales price for non-bank owned properties was over $375 per square foot.


Many of the homes and condominiums in the Lower Deer Valley area were built from the early 1980’s through the mid 1990’s and many of the properties are “showing their age”. The new construction in the past few years in the Empire Canyon area of Deer Valley has impacted sales greatly as buyers tend toward more “turnkey” products. The Lower Deer Valley area offers great access to all Park City has to offer and there are definitely gems to be found in the for sale listings. For information regarding specific realty listings in Lower Deer Valley, contact at (888)968-4672.

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Park City Home Buyers: Are You Worried the Market is Still Trending Down?

By Todd Anderson
Nov 10, 2011

Here is a new program designed to insure the value of the home you are buying. Equity Lock Solutions is offering a product called Home Price Protection. Home Price Protcetion


Generally the plan works like this: The buyer or seller of a home or condominium in Park City can purchase a plan of up to $2 million for a one time fee of 1.8-3.0% of the plan amount (costs vary slightly but Keller Williams agents have access to the lowest rates). The plan is tied to a local House Price Index published by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). The index for the Park City area is tied to the Salt Lake City metropolitan statistical area. If the index drops from the time of purchase to the time of sale, the plan pays the percentage difference in the fall to the owner at the time of the sale.


If you as a buyer purchased this price protection and bought a $1 million Park City home and five years from now when you go to sell the home the House Price Index has gone down 10%, the Home Price Protection Plan will pay you $100,000 when you sell the house. The plan is a hedge against the housing market going down, not the individual home, so choosing the correct home is still important.


For more in-depth information about this program as well as the current HPI for your area, go to: .


The NAR (National Association of Realtors) has picked Home Price Protection as their product of the year.


This may give a buyer the peace of mind they are searching for as they wonder if they are truly buying at the bottom of the market.


For more information about Home Price Protection or any Park City or Deer Valley, UT real estate questions contact a realty professional with the Group of Keller Williams Park City Real Estate at (888)968-4672 or email us at

Deer Valley Resort #1 (again)

By Todd Anderson
Oct 11, 2011


For the fifth year in a row the readers of SKI Magazine have named Deer Valley as the number one resort in North America. This is the 6th time in the last 7 years that Deer Valley has been named number one overall. The resort has not been lower than 3rd in the last 11 years. Deer Valley Ranked #1


The rankings take in many different aspects of the resort and while Deer Valley may not be the toughest or largest resort, or get the best snow, its ranking as best overall is impressive. Deer Valley Resort always gets accolades for its grooming, food, andguest services. The editor of SKI Magazine notes that the size of the resort and the fact that snowboarding is not allowed helps Deer Valley to edge its large competitors Vail and Whistler for the number one spot.


The other Park City area resorts alos fared well with Park City Mountain Resort coming in at number 6 and Canyons Resort in the number 16 slot.


A new lifestyle category named Park City Mountain Resort as the best place in North America to ski with kids.


The consistent rankings from the readers of SKI Magazine have a great impact on tourism in Park City as well as housing values. A town with the best overall ski resort ranking which shares a ropeline with the resort ranked as the best place to ski with a family makes for quite a place to live or own a vacation home.

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